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BT417 Restore II Tile - Carpet Tiles | Bigelow

BT417 Restore II Tile by Bigelow is designed for severe foot traffic areas.

Bigelow Carpet Tiles
Bigelow carpet tiles are very strong, stain resistant options for high traffic areas in hotels, motels, airports, casinos and more! BT417 Restore II Tile by Bigelow commercial carpet tiles are designed for severe foot traffic areas. Easy to install. You can do it yourself in an afternoon!

Restore II Tile is is a textured patterned loop commercial carpet tiles made of Solution Dyed / Yarn Dyed Colorstrand® SD Nylon. They are available in 10 beautiful colors. Restore II tiles are 16 ozs.

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358 Emerge
Restore II Tiles 358 Emerge
359 Ecoactive
Restore II Tiles 359 Ecoactive
751 Optical
Restore II Tiles 751 Optical
859 Cosmos
Restore II Tiles 859 Cosmos
862 Shimmer
Restore II Tiles 862 Shimmer
883 Visual
883 Visual
955 Irridescent
955 Irridescent
982 Contour
982 Contour
983 Atmospheric
983 Atmospheric
989 Solar
989 Solar

BT417 Restore II Tile - Bigelow - Mohawk Group

Each Case Contains: 24 tiles, 96 Sq Ft (10.67 Sq Yds), 24 x 24 inch tiles
Sold by the case.

Installation Methods: Quarter Turn, Monolithic, Brick Ashlar, Vertical Ashlar, Multi Directional

Please call us at 1 (833) 383-0581 to get your best price
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Collection: Uncharted
Tufted Pile Weight: 16.0 oz. per sq. yd. (542 g/m2)
Product Type: Tile
Construction: Tufted
Minimum Sq. Yd.: No Minimum
Surface Texture: Textured Patterned Loop
Gauge: 1/12 (47.00 rows per 10 cm
Density: 7,680
Weight Density: 122,880
Stitches Per Inch: 10.4 (40.94 per 10 cm
Finished Pile Thickness: .075" (1.90 mm)
Dye Method: Solution Dyed / Yarn Dyed
Backing Material: EcoFlex ICT
Fiber Type: Colorstrand® Nylon
Pattern Repeat: Not Applicable
Size: 24" x 24" (.6096 m x .6096 m)
Installation Method: Quarter Turn, Monolithic, Brick Ashlar, Vertical
Ashlar, Multi Directional
Soil Release Technology: Sentry Soil Protection
Foot Traffic Recommendation TARR: Severe

Price Request Form

Performance Testing
Static: AATCC-134 Under 3.5 KV
Flammability: ASTM E 648 Class 1 (Glue Down)
Smoke Density: ASTM E 662 Less than 450


Lifetime Limited Carpet Tile Warranty
Lifetime Static

IAQ Green Label Plus: CRI Green Label Plus GLP1098
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content: 48%
NSF 140: EcoFlex ICT - NSF 140 Gold
Declare Label: Declared

Other Styles in the Uncharted Collection:
Solve II Tile

*Must use Bigelow Adhesive on Tiles or Warranty is Invalid
Don't forget to order your glue!
If purchased separate from order, there is an additional freight charge.
Click here to view adhesives.

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