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Dazzle Modular I0119 | Carpet Tiles | Patcraft

Commercial carpet tiles by Patcraft designed for severe foot traffic.

Patcraft Carpet Tiles
Dazzle Modular I0119 by Patcraft is available in 14 colors. They have been built to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty, making them the perfect alternative to broadloom carpet.

Dazzle carpet tiles are also very Eco-Friendly being constructed with a 100% PVC free backing and nylon fibers, making them the perfect product for anyone looking to go Green. Made in the USA.

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Brilliant 00101
Dazzle Modular I0119 Brilliant 00101
Fabulous 00104
Dazzle Modular I0119 Fabulous 00104
Glittering 00205
Dazzle Modular I0119 Glittering 00205
Luminous 00300
Dazzle Modular I0119 Luminous 00300
Flamboyant 00307
Dazzle Modular I0119 Flamboyant 00307
Fiesty 00410
Fiesty 00410
Exquisite 00512
Dazzle Modular I0119 Exquisite 00512
Gorgeous 00607
Dazzle Modular I0119 Gorgeous 00607
Ablaze 00706
Dazzle Modular I0119 Ablaze 00706
Posh 00713
Dazzle Modular I0119 Posh 00713
Bewitching 00714
Dazzle Modular I0119 Bewitching 00714
Chic 00715
Dazzle Modular I0119 Chic 00715
Ornamental 00808
Dazzle Modular I0119 Ornamental 00808
Sparkling 00911
Dazzle Modular I0119 Sparkling 00911


Dazzle Modular I0119

Each Case Contains: 12 tiles, 48 Sq Ft (5.33 Sq Yds), 24 x 24 inch tiles
Sold by the case.

Installation Methods: Monolithic, Quarter Turn, Ashlar, Brick

Please call us at 1 (833) 383-0581 to get your best price
or click to request a quote.

Price Request Form
Collection Name: Razzle Dazzle
Style Number: I0119
Product Type: Modular
Construction: Multi-Level Pattern Loop
Fiber Type: Eco Solution Q® SD Nylon
Dye Method: 81% Solution Dyed / 19% Yarn Dyed
Gauge: 1/12
Stitches Per Inch: 10.2
Tufted Pile Height: 3/32"
Tufted Yarn Weight: 20.0 oz
Finished Pile Thickness: 0.107
Total Thickness: 0.248
Product Size: 24" x 24"
Average Density: 6729
Installation Pattern Repeat: None
Protective Treatments: SSP® Shaw Soil Protection
Primary Backing: non-woven synthetic
Secondary Backing: EcoWorx® Tile
GSA Approved Product Yes

Price Request Form
Performance Testing
Traffic Class: Severe (TARR)
Antimicrobial Assessment:Passes (AATCC-174)
(When installed using Shaw 5036 adhesive)
Methenamine Pill Test: Passes (DOCFF-1-70)
Radiant Panel: Class I (ASTM E-648)
NBS Smoke: Less than 450 (ASTM-E-662)
Electrostatic Propensity: Less than 3.5 kV (AATCC-134)
CRI Green Label Plus GLP9968
ADA Compliance: This product meets the guidelines as set forth
in the Americans with Disabilities Act for minimum static coefficient
of friction of 0.6 for accessible routes.


Lifetime Commercial Limited

MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified
NSF 140 gold certified
CRI Green Label Plus GLP9968
USGBC LEED contributes
Building Research Establishment certified
Good Environmental Choice Australia certified
Singapore Green Label Certified 039-003

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