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Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl Plank | Shaw LVP

Shaw resilient flooring is engineered to last.

Shaw luxury vinyl tile floors imitate the texture and colors of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Shaw's luxury vinyl flooring in not only beautiful, but also strong and durable. Their LVT products are moisture resistant as well. Vinyl flooring installed in high-traffic commercial areas such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals often come with ten or fifteen years of warranty. Residential vinyl floors have quality standards very similar to industrial ones, so it’s safe to say it will last you at least a couple of decades. Vinyl planks are produced in a way that makes them water, stain, scratch and scuff resistant, which makes for a very durable floor that takes a lot of time to wear out.

2731V Alto HD Plus
Alto HD Plus 2731V
8" x 72"
20 mil
2662V Alto Mix Plus
Alto Mix Plus 2662V
3" x 36"
20 mil
0543V Alto Plank
Alto Plank 0543V
8" x 72"
20 mil
2576V Alto Plus Plank
Alto Plus Plank 2576V
8" x 72"
20 mil
0664V Artisan Plank
Artisan Plank 0664V
6" x 48"
12 mil
0247V Aviator Plank
Aviator Plank 0247V
6" x 48"
6 mil
0415V Bartrum Plank
Bartrum Plank 0415V
7" x 36"
6 mil
0894V Basilica
Basilica 0894V
7" x 48"
12 mil
2894V Basilica Plus
Basilica Plus 2894V
7" x 48"
12 mil
0544V Champion Plank
Champion Plank 0544V
7" x 48"
12 mil
0426V Classico Plank
Classico Plank 0426V
6" x 48"
12 mil
2426V Classico Plus Plank
Classico Plus Plank 2426V
6" x 48"
12 mil
043VF Easy Avenue Plank
Easy Avenue Plank 043VF
7" x 48"
20 mil
040VF Easy Street Plank
Easy Street Plank 040VF
6" x 48"
20 mil
042VF Easy Style
Easy Style 042VF
6" x 36"
20 mi
0736V Endura 512C Plus
Endura 512C Plus 0736V
7" x 48"
12 milF
0802V Endura 512G Plus
Endura 512G Plus 0802V
7" x 48"
12 mil
0315V Harwich
Harwick 0315V
6" x 48"
12 mil
Luxury Vinyl Plank - LVP
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